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  • Service Accomplish Time

      83 days since submitting the required documents and paying fees

  • Service Channels



      Smart application

      By phone

      Dubai chamber premises

Mediation is one of the effective methods to resolve commercial disputes amicably provided that at least one of the disputing parties is a member of Dubai Chamber. Mediation is quick, confidential and cost effective. It’s an excellent opportunity for preserving business relations and gives parties maximum control over the outcome of mediation. Mediation is an amicable way of settlement and is a confidential process. We aim to help the parties reach an amicable settlement and to achieve this, we advise the parties to be flexible and open for negotiation during mediation. Mediation is not conciliation, or arbitration, or litigation. Our role is to facilitate negotiation between the parties, allowing them to reach a mutually acceptable solution by themselves. In the case of extreme difference in the parties’ points of views that prevents settlement, or if the respondents do not co-operate or do not wish our intervention, we advise them to seek other alternatives, such as litigation.

    • 1 Contacting Dubai Chamber through the available channels, completing the application form and attaching the documents supporting the complaint

    • 2 Reviewing the application and receiving the approval from Dubai Chamber

    • 3 Payment of fees

    • 4 Dubai Chamber contacts the concerned parties to reach a suitable settlement (as per the nature of dispute)

  • To avail the service at least one of the concerned parties should be a member of Dubai Chamber
  • The dispute should not be from the specification of another authority
  • It should be against a corporation or a company
  • It should not be under consideration by any other courts or arbitration party

Mediation Registration fee
  • Members – AED 500
  • Non Members – AED 1000

Mediation Administration Fee

  • Members – 1% of the dispute amount, Minimum AED 500 Maximum AED 15,000
  • Non Members – 2% of the dispute amount, Minimum AED 1000 Maximum AED 20,000

Value Added Tax 5%

The above Fees and Tax are non-refundable and must be paid in advance to proceed with the mediation process.

Service Type

Sub-Service - Transactional

Targeted customers

  • Those licensed to practice all commercial, industrial and professional activities
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