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Founded in 2004, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) plays a leading role in promoting CSR and guiding organizations to adopt sustainable and responsible business practices.

The CRB provides businesses with platforms, knowledge and tools to help them embed CSR and sustainability into their business practices. Currently, CRB engages the business community through a range of programs. They include:

  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce CSR Labels
  • Engage Dubai
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Network
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce Business Mentoring and Support


CRB assists members of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and the rest of the business community in adopting responsible business practices that enhance their performance and competitive advantage through :

  • Promoting CSR, sustainability and good governance at all levels of the Dubai business community by imparting knowledge on these practices and creating tools and guides
  • Providing direct advice and feedback by evaluating companies’ CSR performance
  • Encouraging companies to integrate CSR, sustainability and good governance into their management, operations and processes at every level
  • Measuring and documenting responsible business practices in Dubai and the UAE

CRB’s objectives are:

  • Help the Dubai business community embed CSR and sustainability practices in their operations
  • Engage the Dubai business community in assuming greater responsibility for the emirate’s social and environmental needs
  • Promote Dubai as a regional and international business hub by offering its business partners an environment of transparency, strong governance, and rule of law
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