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Issuing a Certification of Origin

  • Service Accomplish Time

      2 minutes through the website

      6 minutes through visiting the customer happiness centre

  • Service Channels


      Smart Application

      Customer happiness centre

This service enables Dubai chambers members and Individuals to apply for a Certificate of Origin to export or re-export goods. A Certificate of Origin is an official document that determines the origin of exported or re-exported goods. It is an essential document that enables recognition of the origin of goods in order to estimate customs tariffs, as it contains the basic data on trade shipments. A detailed commercial invoice is attached to the document.

Issuing a Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial invoice

Additional requirements in the following cases:

Direct shipment
  • Bill of Lading

UAE origin:

  • Copy of the industrial license
  • Copy of factory’s invoice

Transshipment goods
  • Copy of bill transit from Dubai Customs

In Case of the Commercial invoice is not Clear, Dubai chamber of Commerce may request Supporting
  • Packing list
  • Bills of the exporting country
  • Exporter’s country invoice

AED 100


  • 5 AED will be collected for each additional page after page 5 of the Commercial Invoice for all the previous types
  • 5 AED will be collected for each page of the Packing List for all the previous types.

Service Type

Sub service - Transactional

Targeted customers

  • Dubai Chambers Members
  • Individuals
Having Trouble? Call: 8002426237
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