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Letters And Certificates

  • Service Accomplish Time

      10 minutes

  • Service Channels



      Happiness Centres

      Smart Application

Business Research and Intelligence services provide a reliable platform for economic information, statistics, reports and studies in order to help the business community to make accurate decisions about their business. The Information Center provides electronic services to Dubai Chamber members, "certificates of recommendation and identification, lists and data of companies and activities", and respond to customer inquiries through available channels.

    • 1 Search on Dubai Chamber's website for reports, research and studies, or communicate via available service channels.

    • 2 Submitting the requested certificate, letter or other services including the required document through Dubai Chamber website.

    • 3 Reviewing the validity of data and documents.

    • 4 Online payment after receiving the approval.

    • 5 Enable to download and printing the document.

According to the required service – fees will be determined upon request of the service

Value Added Tax 5%

The above Fees and Tax are non-refundable and must be paid in advance to proceed with the mediation process.

Service Type

Sub-Service - Informational

Targeted customers

  • Persons licensed to practice all commercial, industrial and professional activities
  • Reports, research and studies are available for members and non - members of Dubai Chamber
Having Trouble? Call: 8002426237