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The speed of change for technology, business and society is accelerating. Today most Chambers of Commerce are facing the acute challenge of adapting to the new realities where customers’ needs evolve rapidly, making the customary services and old Chamber’s models irrelevant. The Chamber Model Innovation (CMI) methodology provides a pathway and tangible solutions for how any Chamber could start innovating continuously while putting customers’ needs at the forefront of service development.

CMI outcomes:

  • Becoming a customer centric Chamber
  • Becoming a data-driven Chamber
  • Becoming an attractive employer for entrepreneurial, technology savvy and ambitious talent

Guide to Implement CMI in Your Chamber

  • Download the CMI Playbook – EnglishSpanish
  • Organize a practical and engaging capacity training for your Chambers’ managers.

    • 1-2 hour online CMI training by Dubai Chambers
    • 2-3 day onsite (offline) CMI capacity building bootcamp
  • Receive tailored advisory support to your managers in charge of customer services.

Dubai Chambers offers its support to worldwide Chambers in implementing CMI through the services above. Contact us on solutions@dubaichamber.com

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