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Issuance of ATA Carnet

  • Service Delivery Time

      Express request: One working day (starting from receipt of administrative fees and guarantee).

      Normal request: Two working days (starting from receipt of administrative fees and guarantee)

  • Service Channels


The ATA Carnet is an International Customs document that permits temporary importation of duty-free and tax-free goods for up to one year.

  • Commercial invoice
  • Authorisation letter issued by the company to its representatives or agents (available on website)
  • Letter of pledged commitment (available on website)

ATA Carnet processing fee (only for one visit)
  • Member – AED 900
  • Non Member – AED 1,800
ATA Carnet Express processing fees (only for one country visit)
  • Member – AED 1,400
  • Non Member – AED 2,300
Additional countries
  • Member – AED 50 for each country
  • Non Member – AED 100 for each country
Additional pages for the general list
  • Member – AED 5 for each country
  • Non Member – AED 10 for each country
  • Member – AED 300
  • Non Member – AED 600
Security Deposit

The security deposit fees depend on the total value of goods and customs duties (ATA Carnet Security Rate Chart) in visiting countries, and it will be refunded after proper discharge of the Carnet.
Note: UAE companies’ member of any Chambers in other emirates will be treated as Dubai Chambers’ members regarding admin fees.

Service Type

Sub service - Transactional

Targeted customers

  • Dubai Chambers Members
  • Dubai Chambers Non-Members
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