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The Dubai Centre for Family Businesses has created an innovative platform to aid you in assessing the maturity of crucial governance aspects within your family business. The Family Business Governance Assessment Tool includes assessment questions and valuable insights carefully designed to help you evaluate your current governance status and formulate actionable steps for improvement. These questions have been developed in accordance with expert insights, regulatory trends, and leading practices in the realm of family business governance.

How to use this Tool:

  • Registration and Sign-In: Enroll in our tool using a swift registration procedure.
  • Assessment Progress Page: Utilise the Assessment Progress page to navigate the tool effortlessly and observe your progress.
  • Question Prompts: Each question will prompt two kinds of responses: the significance you ascribe to the discussed theme and your perception of the level of maturity concerning that particular theme within your family business.
  • Outcomes: Upon finishing your assessment, you will be guided to a results page where you can access your findings. Additionally, a PDF of the results will be sent to you via email.
  • Retaking the Assessment and Your Assessment Results Page: You have the option to retake the assessment as many times as needed. Visit your Assessment Results page to review your past outcomes and assess the progress you’ve achieved.

We have also developed an instructive video guide. We strongly recommend viewing this guide prior to attempting the assessment.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible Application: The tool offers the family the flexibility to monitor the progression of their maturity rating over time, providing valuable insights into their collective growth and development.
  • User-Friendliness: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the tool ensures that all users can easily navigate it, making it accessible in both English and Arabic for inclusivity and convenience.
  • Survey Insights: Through the assessment responses, the family will gain a comprehensive understanding of their collective strengths and areas for improvement, including an overall maturity assessment rating, a comparison between the importance ratings assigned and the maturity ratings achieved, insights from peer-to-peer comparisons, and a tailored roadmap of actionable leading practices.
  • Result Documentation: The tool empowers the family to view their current and past results, enabling them to reference their growth journey and track their progress together.

Furthermore, the tool not only assists in enhancing the family’s overall governance and effectiveness, but also serves as a catalyst for meaningful discussions and collaborative decision-making. By collectively interpreting the insights and actionable practices provided, the family can strengthen their bonds, align their values and aspirations, and work together towards a shared vision of prosperity and success.

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