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Dubai Centre for Family Businesses (DCFB) was launched under the umbrella of Dubai Chambers to achieve His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision of ensuring the sustainability and growth of family businesses as key contributors to the nation’s economy.

DCFB works closely with public and private sector stakeholders to build a thriving ecosystem for family businesses, ensure a conducive regulatory environment and leverage strategic partnerships to address market challenges and create innovative solutions to drive the sector’s growth.

The Centre caters to all family businesses based in Dubai, regardless of size, sector or nationality. The strategy and activities of the centre are led by the board of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Family Business Advisory Committee.

Dubai Centre for Family Businesses Objectives:

  • Advocate for a sustainable family business ecosystem in Dubai
  • Facilitate successful generational transition
  • Provide a platform for knowledge-transfer, education and networking to upskill the next generation of family business owners
  • Support family business continuity and cement the sector’s economic relevance through training programmes on governance and succession planning
  • Be a reference point for research and advocacy to influence policies and drive family businesses in their social and economic impact
  • Develop partnerships to leverage resources and increase the impact of the Centre’s activities
  • Promote the importance of family businesses to the broader community and highlight their economic and social contribution
  • Encourage the use of good governance practices within family businesses

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