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Date Posted: 2 February 2022

- Buamim: The Framework allows Chambers of Commerce to transition from traditional services and adapt to meet the evolving needs of its members.

– More than 100 representatives from chambers of commerce in Latin America and the US attended the virtual workshop, which was organised by Dubai Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Bogota Chamber.

Dubai, UAE: Dubai Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, organised a virtual training workshop to equip executives with practical guidance on how to implement Chamber Model Innovation (CMI) framework within their respective organisations.

The workshop followed Dubai Chamber’s launch of the Chambers Model Innovation Playbook during the 12th World Chambers Congress in Dubai. The CMI framework comprises a pragmatic approach to finding tangible solutions and prepares chambers of commerce to face future global challenges while meeting the changing needs and requirements of chamber members and customers.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce presented in the framework to over 100 representatives of the chambers of commerce in Latin America, the Spanish-speaking Latin and Caribbean Chambers of Commerce (AICO) and the North Carolina American Chamber of Commerce, during the workshop where participants were informed of how to adopt the framework within their organisations using the CMI Playbook.

The Playbook provides guidelines and directives for the senior management of the Chambers of Commerce to help them facilitate the adoption of CMI principles in their future plans and strategies. The interactive guide was translated into Spanish by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce in order to accelerate the adoption of the system within the Spanish-speaking chambers of commerce.

CMI is the first innovative global system to reform the traditional services of the Chambers of Commerce and help them evolve with the changing needs, challenges and expectations of the global economic landscape. This framework, which has been approved by the International Chambers of Commerce, has been adopted by many Chambers and will be reviewed at the next World Chambers Congress in Geneva.

The CMI has already been tested by Dubai Chamber and other chambers of commerce from around the world under the guidance of a dedicated team led by H.E. Hamad Buamim, President & CEO of Dubai Chambers and Chair of ICC-World Chambers Federation, and the findings of the pilot projects have been used to further enhance the framework.

Addressing participants during the event, H.E. Buamim, said: “the Chambers Model Innovation approach is based on the experiences and expertise of various stakeholders and provides comprehensive and flexible solutions to deal with the future uncertainties. The innovative framework enables chambers of commerce to transition from traditional services and adapt while meeting the evolving needs of member companies.”

Dubai Chamber’s successful experience in implementing the CMI is a reference point for other chambers of commerce that are keen to use the framework to innovate and address new challenges in post Covid era and beyond, he explained.

Joining the workshop were Nicolas Uribe Rueda, Executive President of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and Natalia Sycheva, Senior Manager of Special Projects and Entrepreneurship at Dubai Chamber, who delivered an informative presentation on the CMI Playbook and framework. Representatives from Dubai Chamber’s offices in Latin America also shared their experiences in implementing the framework.

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