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Legal and Practical Aspects of Import and Export Webinar

Legal and Practical Aspects of Import and Export Webinar
From: 01-08-2024 Time: 11:00
To: 01-08-2024 Time: 12:30
Hosted by: Dubai Chambers Event Type: Webinar

About the Event

This webinar examines the handling of import and export relations with Local Traders, explores the critical aspects of managing import and export relations with local dealers in the UAE.

The webinar will delve into the nuances of the doing business with local traders, highlights widely experienced problems and how to minimize payment or delivery default risks by taking precaution. Participants will gain essential insights into legal compliance, practical oversight of import and export processes, and adapting to the evolving commercial landscape in the UAE.

Organized by

Dubai Chambers in collaboration with Clout


The participants will gain better understanding of:

  • Risk Management: Learn methods to research about the real legal and economic status of local dealers to minimize the risk of unpaid debt.
  • Compliance Requirements: Learn best practices for managing situations involving legal compliance in an import and export context, from anti- money laundering to personal data protection.
  • Payment Security: Gain insights into finding out alternative measures to secure payments expected from dealers, such as letter of guarantees or cheques.
  • Tax Consequences: Gain insights into management techniques to minimize the tax impacts of unpaid debt in import and export transactions.
  • Dispute Resolution and Recovery: Explore methods for effective dispute resolution and recovery processes in cases of import and export conflicts.
  • Case study: Learn key differences between different selected sectors and jurisdictions (including Türkiye and Jordan).



For more information, please contact:

Legal Services Department
Tel: +9714 2028254/243
E-mail: Legalevents@dubaichamber.com


  • 1 August 2024
  • 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Zoom


Dr. Murat Can Pehlivanoglu
Associate Professor Commercial Law and a Senior Partner Clout

Dr. Murat Can Pehlivanoğlu is Associate Professor of Commercial Law and a Senior Partner at Clout. His practice focuses primarily on corporate litigation, commercial transactions, merger control, legal compliance, and intellectual property. He advises and represents individuals and multinational organizations, especially in cross-border partnership and foreign direct investment matters.
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