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Learn the conceptual and practical perspectives on challenges and drivers of innovation and excellence in a challenging global market from leading experts.

9th Cycle of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Excellence Award
Raising the Bar of Excellence Throughout the GCC

“The Innovation Economy: Nurturing an Ecosystem for Innovation, Excellence, and Value Creation”

Date: 24th November 2015
Time: 8:30 – 16:00
Venue: Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights
Language: English
Fees: AED 1,000 per person: if your Organization is a Dubai Chamber Member
          AED 1,500 per person: if your Organization is not a Dubai Chamber Member
20% Group Discount for 5 or more attendees.
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In today’s fast-evolving global landscape, businesses, industries, and economies alike, are increasingly exposed to a new dynamic shaping the global infrastructure. With the emergence of digitalization and rapid technological advancements, coupled with ever increasing globalization, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in our economic construct and the way that businesses operate.

A central feature of this transition, from the traditional industrialized economy to a more innovation-driven knowledge economy, is the change in the nature of economic value and wealth creation, which, consequently is altering fundamental principles of economics and business models across the globe. The world’s economic prowess is no longer solely attributed to the conventional product-orientated models of the industrial economy. Instead, tenets of this service-oriented New Economy are based on the amalgamation of knowledge, technology, and innovation.

In the late 20th Century, the proportion of economic value attributed to intangible capital was non-existent – today, 35 years later this figure exceeds 80% of total market value. This is testament to how innovation is an inexorable engine of growth in today’s economy.

As the core drivers of the global economy are shifting, the very nature of the 21st Century organisation is being transformed. Fundamental archetypes of how to be a successful and sustainable entity in our current economic reality are all changing, and changing fast.

In order to stay relevant, grow, and prosper in this dynamic environment, it is essential for organisations to create value, embrace innovation, knowledge-sharing, and a commitment to continuous improvement and building of partnerships at the core of their everyday practice.

Conference Objective

In light of this transition, and in line with the UAE’s 2021 Vision, this International Conference entitled “The Innovation Economy: Nurturing an ecosystem for Innovation, Excellence, and Value Creation” addresses not only macro-economic and micro-economic fundamentals that ensure a sustainable innovation ecosystem but also future approaches that are already shaping businesses of today in the face of this emerging new economy.

With the fast-evolving business landscape, coupled with the turbulent socio-economic environment that surrounds us, survival and growth are only possible through fostering innovation and competitive advantage. The integral roles of innovation and continuous improvement as essential capabilities in enabling growth, on both a macro and micro level, are irrefutable. In this fiercely competitive global market, it is imperative that organisations are highly responsive and dynamic entities, with the capacity to anticipate, re-evaluate their core practices and adapt to rapid changes instantaneously – or risk the prospect of becoming obsolete.

Bringing together worldwide prominent business leaders, innovators and policy makers alike, this high-level International Conference aims to provide conceptual and practical insights into the means and impacts of developing a sustained ecosystem for Innovation, Excellence and Value Creation. From outlining the macroeconomic determinants required in creating a conducive environment for innovation and wealth creation, to imparting real-time and applicable business practices proven to create value and foster business growth, this Conference provides powerful insights, practical tools, and invaluable knowledge on how to thrive as a modern organisation in today’s ever progressive and dynamic economic realm.

Talks Briefs

Mr. Tristan Kromer
“The Lean Startup Approach: Reducing the Cost of Innovation and Building a Startup Ecosystem”

Innovation can save your company, or kill it. Lean Startup is more than the latest buzzword from Silicon Valley. It’s a fundamental change in the way companies are innovating. Even giant, slow moving companies are adopting fast, agile practices like startups. In some cases, releasing products to the market with weeks instead of years. This talk will focus on how modern companies are measuring innovation and increasing the speed at which they test market demand of disruptive technologies.

Mr. Jonathan Oliver
“Why Innovation is Wrong and Companies Don’t Want It”

This presentation will explore why innovation has to be wrong in order to proved right. How business’s need create an environment in which innovation can flourish and why Microsoft has radically transformed itself to become an innovation powerhouse of the future.

Prof. Ir. Kas Oosterhuis
“Unchaining The Building Industry”

The evolution of digital technologies has changed the world and affects all major industries including that of the building industry. We are on the verge of reaching critical mass for a truly disruptive change. The production of building components has evolved from mass production to mass customization methods. Digital design to production methods revolutionize the way products and even complete buildings are designed and made. The traditional building chain is unchained and substituted by a data driven cybernetic process of sustainable design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and use. Segregation makes way for integration.

Why Attend

  • Learn from inspiring talks by renowned experts.
  • Gain an in-depth practical insight on the challenges and drivers of innovation.
  • Learn how modern companies are measuring innovation and increasing the speed at which they test market demand of disruptive technologies.
  • Obtain a better understanding of the impact of innovation on sustainable business performance.
  • Learn and benchmark with applicable best-in-class business practices proven to create value and foster business growth.
  • Excellent opportunity for dynamic, high-level networking with like-minded professionals.

Who you will meet

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • SVPs and Heads of Strategy
  • Managing Directors
  • Heads of Innovation
  • New Business Development Directors
  • Business Excellence Managers and Practitioners
  • Managers and Senior Managers
  • Corporate Strategists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Technologists
  • Educators

… and many more


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