Published On: 17/03/2021

– The webinar aimed to shed light on Expo 2020 Dubai, and to create a platform for African women in business to network, exchange of information on products and services.
– 74% of webinar participants expressed interest in setting up a business in Dubai, while 92% revealed that they will visit Expo 2020.

Dubai, UAE: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently launched a webinar series providing African women business leaders and entrepreneurs with useful information about doing business in Dubai, as well as the benefits of participating in Expo 2020 Dubai.

The African Women in Business: Connecting the Dots to the UAE Market and Expo 2020 series, organised by the Chamber’s representative offices in Africa, attracted 200 participants from the UAE, Africa and other emerging markets, including business leaders and entrepreneurs representing a wide range of economic sectors.
The first webinar, organised earlier this month in partnership with the African Union Commission and Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE), and supported by Bizzmosis and Dubai Exports, offered valuable insights on Dubai’s economy and business landscape, in addition to new incentives and competitive advantages available to foreign companies and investors.

Addressing participants, Omar Khan, Director of International Offices at Dubai Chamber noted that the webinar series established new channels of constructive dialogue between the UAE and Africa business communities, examine existing bilateral business opportunities and explore new avenues of economic cooperation.

Khan noted that Expo 2020 Dubai is an ideal opportunity for African companies to tap into Dubai’s advantages, explore new growth opportunities in the region and boost their global profile, adding that Dubai Chamber, as an Official Partner at the mega event, will play a pivotal role in creating new connections and collaborations at Expo 2020, which is the first World Expo to be hosted in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.

“Over the last few years, Dubai has strengthened its position as a preferred trade hub for African companies, and Africa is a market of strategic importance to the Chamber and a key focus of its international expansion strategy. Our Dubai Chamber Africa Offices play a crucial role in facilitating trade and commerce between African and UAE business communities, identifying business opportunities in promising markets and attracting African companies to Dubai,” Khan said.

The panel session was also joined by Nigest Haile, Founder and Executive Director, Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE); Victoria Maloka, Director of AUC-WGDD, African Union Commission; Marianna Bulbuc, CEO and Managing Partner, Bizzmosis Business Groups; and Dr. Ashraf Ali Mahate, Chief Economist, Dubai Exports.

A poll conducted during the webinar revealed that 74% of the participants considered setting up a business in Dubai, 20% traded to or through Dubai, while 92% said that they plan to visit Expo 2020 Dubai.

Upcoming webinars of African Women in Business Series will shed light on the benefits of personal branding, the importance and value of networking, as well as helping small businesses grow and achieve their goals through mentorship.