Published On: 19/07/2018

Dubai, UAE: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is leading the drive towards road safety with the hosting of a seminar on safe highway practices. Titled ‘Road Safety for Commercial Drivers’ and held today the workshop was an offering from the organisation’s Sustainability Network’s Road Safety Task Force, which strives to promote sustainability across all business sectors.

Aiming to spread awareness among Dubai’s business community about safe driving practices, the session examined the reasons behind traffic collisions and highlighted road safety success stories from around the world. Speakers at the event focused on the fundamental role that drivers play in creating an accident-free traffic environment, from abiding to the laws of the country to ensuring that their vehicles are always in tip-top condition.

Included among the seminar presenters were representatives from Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Tristar Group, MAN Truck & Bus – Middle East FZE, Michelin, and Schmitz Cargobull, with the speakers showcasing road and vehicle safety procedures from their respective areas of expertise. Attendees included representatives from private sector companies and members of the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network.

Dr Belaid Rettab, Senior Director, Economic Research & Sustainable Business Development Sector, Dubai Chamber noted that the seminar – along with other similar activities organised by the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network – further the chamber’s goal in spreading corporate social responsibility (CSR) awareness in Dubai’s business community.

“Road safety is indisputably important and with this in mind, we made use of the excellent platform offered by this seminar to showcase the best ways to prevent traffic accidents, particularly among commercial drivers. By hosting this activity, we aim to contribute to a safer driving experience for all those who take to Dubai’s roads, from commercial vehicle operators to private car users and their passengers,” he said.

Dr Rettab added that the Sustainability Network’s recommendations and initiatives help companies set strategies for success and maintain Dubai business community’s strong reputation for incorporating positive practices that have a beneficial impact on society.

“Road safety and accident prevention are essential components of a community-responsible and sustainable corporate culture. Dubai Chamber’s Sustainability Network is the ideal platform to identify such issues and to create effective and impactful solutions for the emirate’s business community,” added Dr Rettab.

The Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network was conceived as a premium platform for the emirate’s business community to exchange insights, expertise and best practices related to CSR. The network brings together prominent companies that have a vested interest in CSR and sustainability and promotes the commercial benefits of adopting CSR practices.

The Centre for Responsible Business was formed by Dubai Chamber in 2004 and is the UAE’s longest-established institution for the promotion of CSR. Helping Dubai Chamber members apply responsible business practices that enhance their performance and competitiveness, the centre organises events and provides research, training, assessment services and CSR-related counsel.