Published On: 06/06/2018

Dubai, UAE: The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently hosted a series of interactive workshops at its premises which enhanced employee awareness about several key objectives outlined under the organisation’s 2017-2021 strategy.

The workshops, attended by 200 Chamber employees, used gamified training techniques to familiarise staff with the strategy and test their knowledge on the Chamber’s mission, vision, key roles and strategic goals.

Employees also participated in brainstorming and team building sessions where they were encouraged to think strategically and develop new ideas to contribute towards the Chamber’s strategy and achieve organisational goals.

In addition, participants were informed of regulatory developments and recent decisions adopted by the Chamber’s Board of Directors supporting new initiatives which aim to enhance the competitiveness of Dubai’s business community, stimulate economic activity, facilitate public-private partnerships and boost the contribution of the private sector to the emirate’s economic growth.

Dubai Chamber’s customer-oriented strategy aims to boost competitiveness and growth within the private sector in line with the Dubai Plan 2021, while it reinforces the Chamber’s role as a trusted partner to Dubai’s business community and a bridge between business and government.

The strategy is supported by four pillars, namely promoting Dubai as a global business hub; creating a favourable business environment; supporting the development of business in Dubai; and becoming the best chamber in the world.