Published On: 16/04/2020

Dubai, UAE: The Centre for Responsible Business, under Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, organised an online training workshop on the safety and health of commercial vehicles drivers, during this period of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The e-workshop was organized by the “Road Safety” Task Force, which is part of Dubai Chamber’s Sustainability Network, and was attended by 55 participants from the private sector in Dubai.
The workshop aimed to introduce the preventive and precautionary measures that commercial vehicle drivers must adopt during the current circumstances, because of their exposure to increased risks due to the nature of their work and their daily mobility.

The workshop focused on the important role these drivers play in delivering food supplies, equipment and medical tools during this challenging time. Participants in the workshop reviewed the various methods and procedures that companies can adopt to provide maximum protection to drivers during their duties.

The presenters discussed topics such as infection control strategies through the use of a mix of administrative and engineering preventive measures, safe work practices, personal protection equipment (PPE) to prevent driver exposure to infection, communication mechanisms and expected driver behaviour and methods of vehicle sterilization.

During the training workshop, officials representing some of most prominent companies in the country led the discussion, including Roshan Menon from Emirates Airlines, Fenu Rehana from Dulsco, Sundarmoorthy Hariharaiyer from Transworld, Arundhan Alphonse from Tristar, and Suneeth Mathew from Nestle.

The participants made recommendation to enhance workers’ awareness on ways to prevent infection, regular sterilization of cars and buses and creating awareness through providing information in multiple languages.

Additionally, they also touched upon the important role of organisational leadership in introducing health and preventive issues, the need to provide cleaning staff with clear guidance on the correct mechanism for sterilizing vehicles, along with companies engaging with their contractors to set up processes to safeguard their drivers and customers.

Dr. Belaid Ratab, Chief Economist, Senior Director – Economic Research & Sustainable Business Development Sector,at Dubai Chamber, pointed out the importance of driver safety and health during this period, given the primary role that this category of workers play in meeting the daily requirements of life and ensuring its continuity. He stressed that protecting these workers is the responsibility of companies and they should ensure the highest standards of protection and safety for their employees.

Rattab further mentioned that the interaction during the e- workshop reflects that the business community is aware of the need to apply health and safety standards for their employees, and ensure their protection.

He pointed out that Dubai Chamber’s Sustainability Network is committed to enhancing the private sector awareness about sustainable practices that give them a competitive advantage, and enhance their reputation as responsible and sustainable companies in their activities and procedures.
The Sustainability Network’s Road Safety Task Force includes 22 member companies, with Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and “RoadSafetyUAE” as the knowledge partners for this task force.
Established by the Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business (CRB), the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network serves as the focal point for the business community to share and exchange best practices in implementing CSR. The network provides an opportunity for local companies to network, learn, share experiences and constitute CSR leadership.

The Centre for Responsible Business was established by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2004 to support and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.

The Centre’s objective is to engage the Dubai business community in assuming greater responsibility for the emirate’s social and environmental needs. The Centre encourages Dubai Chamber members to implement responsible business practices that contribute to enhancing the performance of their organizations and their competitive capabilities.