Published On: 16/08/2017

Dubai, UAE: The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Centre for Responsible Business today organised a motivational workshop in collaboration with the Team Angel Wolf initiative, which focused on the importance of instilling positivity and happiness as core values within the local business community and wider society.

The event, hosted at the Chamber’s premises, was attended by ENGAGE Dubai corporate members who represented nearly 20 UAE-based companies from various sectors. Speaking at the session was Nick Watson, Founder of Team Angel Wolf, who shared his inspirational story and perspective of how individuals can adopt a positive lifestyle, and spread happiness in their communities through their actions.

The workshop complemented the Chamber’s efforts to support the National Happiness and Positivity Charter, which stipulates the UAE Government’s commitment, through its higher policies, plans, projects and services, to provide a nurturing environment for the happiness within communities.

Dr. Belaid Rettab, Senior Director, Economic Research and Sustainable Business Development Sector, Dubai Chamber, highlighted the positive impact that improving employee happiness can have on companies’ productivity levels. He noted that businesses in Dubai are beginning to realise the importance of making happiness and positivity a priority within their organisations.

“By organising this interactive workshop, we were able to raise awareness about the benefits of a creating a positive work environment where employees can feel motivated to achieve their goals and ambitions. These types of events are critical to encouraging businesses to step forward and focus on happiness as a key driver of business sustainability and growth,” he added.

The ENGAGE Dubai programme connects businesses to community partners to get their support on different community projects. The main objective of ENGAGE Dubai programme is to stimulate corporate involvement in community development through employee volunteering.

Launched in 2008 by the Centre for Responsible Business, ENGAGE Dubai is part of an international network of businesses and community organisations that collaborate to support the development of healthy and sustainable communities through increasing the quality and quantity of employee involvement and volunteering in their local communities. The international ENGAGE Program, managed by Business in the Community (BITC) in the UK, operates in major cities including Paris, Frankfurt, Istanbul, and Hong Kong.