Certificate of Origin

This service enables the customer to apply for a Certificate of Origin to export or re-export goods.

A Certificate of Origin is an official document that determines the origin of exported or re-exported goods. It is an essential document that enables recognition of the origin of goods in order to estimate customs tariffs, as it contains the basic data on trade shipments. A detailed commercial invoice is attached to the document.

Service requirements

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list (optional)

Additional requirements in the following cases:

  • Direct shipment
    • Bills of the exporting country
    • Exporter’s country invoices
    • Bill of Lading
  • UAE origin goods
    • Copy of the industrial license
    • Copy of factory’s invoice
  • Transhipment goods
    • Copy of bill transit from Dubai Customs

NB: Dubai Chamber has the right to ask for any additional documents as needed

Service fees

Issuing a Certificate of Origin: 100 AED
Modification of Certificate of Origin: 50 AED
Copy of Certificate of Origin: 50 AED (per copy)

NB: 5 AED will be collected for each additional page after page 5 of the commercial Invoice for all the previous types.
5 AED will be collected for each page of the packing List for all the pervious types.

Service channels

Submitting the application through the Dubai Chamber Happiness Centres, Dubai Chamber website, or smart application

Service average completion time

6 minutes through the Dubai Chamber website
10 minutes through visiting the Dubai Chamber Customer Happiness Centres

Target customers

Goods exporters – individuals, companies and establishments

To apply this service, please click here.

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