Dubai Chamber e-Services

For complete details on each service along with requirements and associated fees, please visit our Service Manual.

Dubai Chamber Membership
Dubai Chamber’s membership service registers people and entities licensed to practice all commercial, industrial and professional activities. Once a member, customers can practice their economic activities and enjoying Dubai Chamber’s other services and programs that support the growth of the business sector. Under this service, you can apply for new membership, membership renewal and membership amendment.

Certificate of origin service
This service enables the customer to apply for a Certificate of Origin to export or re-export goods from Dubai. Dubai Chamber members are eligible to apply for this service.

Attestation service
Dubai chamber simplifies procedures of doing business by getting the documents, correspondence and contracts attested for its members to facilitate acceptance of these documents by the concerned authorities.

Issuance of ATA carnet
The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits duty-free and tax-free temporary importation of goods for up to one year. Dubai Chamber provides issuance, modification, and replacement of ATA Carnet.

Business Research and Intelligence
This service provides a reliable sources of economic information, statistics and reports for our customers in order to help the business community take informed business decisions.

Credit Rating
Credit rating service provides business information reports on local or international companies and is considered an efficient tool in mitigating business risk and help in sound business decision making when trying to from partnership or do a business transaction with forging partner worldwide. The report contains credit rating of the company of interest in addition to information regarding business activities and financial status.

Legal Information service
Dubai chamber provides legal information related to the laws and relevant commercial regulations for the customers of Dubai chamber

Mediation an effective method to resolve commercial disputes amicably provided that at least one of the disputing parties is a member of Dubai Chamber. Mediation is quick, confidential and cost effective. It’s an excellent opportunity for preserving business relations and gives parties maximum control over the outcome of mediation.

Dubai Chamber CSR Label
The Dubai Chamber CSR Label is tailored specifically to the UAE and Middle East and is based on international standards and best practices to help companies assess level of their CSR practices. Dubai Chamber CSR Label is a tool to recognize the companies’ success in implementing sustainability criteria.

Business groups and councils
Issuing a permit and licensing business councils and business groups in order to provide legal status to their activities, and provide corporation between the members to develop business sector

Dubai Association Centre
Dubai Association Center aims at attracting and licensing the regional and international associations and helping them open branches or headquarters in Dubai in coordination with the concerned authorities. The presence of such associations in the emirate will enhance Dubai’s regional and international reputation due to the experiences and expertise of these associations.

Global Trusted e-Network
The Global Trusted e-Network is an e-network of verified and credit rated businesses. Get labeled as a Trusted Business and boost your company’s credibility and exposure as a trusted trading partner and service provider.

For complete details on each service along with requirements and associated fees, please visit our Service Manual.

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