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Renewal of Global and Regional associations’ license

  • Service Accomplish Time

      1-3 days

  • Service Channels


      Customer happiness centre

Dubai Association Centre aims to attract and license regional and international associations, helping them to open branches or headquarters in Dubai in coordination with the concerned authorities. The presence of such associations in the emirate enhances Dubai’s regional and international reputation due to their experiences and expertise.

    • 1 Submitting the application to Dubai Association Centre

Renewal of Global and Regional associations’ licenses:
  • Provide an audited financial report
  • Report on the activities to be conducted by the association for the next year
  • Minutes of meeting of the Annual General Meeting/General Assembly Meeting
  • Copy of your leasing contract from DWTC or an official letter stating that you are hiring an association management company

AED 5000

Service Type

Sub Service - Transactional

Targeted customers

  • Regional and global associations
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