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One of the main activities of the International Office is to provide bilateral business opportunities for Dubai Chamber members and Argentina’s (Region) companies. To enquire about any of these opportunities, please contact: argentina@dubaichamber.com


Argentina exporter of ago-business sector seeking UAE importer and distributor.

Jewell Ago business




Projects & Tenders

Investment: Dubai Chamber Representative Office in Argentina is collaborating with the official investment agencies to detect and update investment opportunities in key sectors in the Argentine economy.

These are organizations that provides free assistance and advice to companies that want to invest, export and grow in the country. Dubai Chamber is permanently monitoring and updating the most relevant opportunities for investment

Logistics / Infrastructure

Argentina: Air transport has experienced rapid growth between 2016-2018, with the inauguration of more than 70 new international routes, and more than 60 domestic routes. There are currently 11 airports in execution stage, for a cumulative value of US$151 million. Moreover, 48 more airports are planned by the government, for a total value of US$831 million. Under Argentina´s National Plan of Transportation, the government is also planning to modernize its infrastructure works in ports, cruise terminals, and waterways to improve navigation safety.


According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTCC), the country attracted an estimated 6.1 million tourists in 2018, and arrivals are projected to grow at 7.7% per year in the medium run. Between 2015-18 more than US$2.2b worth of projects were announced; 49% of which went to tourist accommodation, and another 43% went to new airlines. Thermal springs, ski centers, and convention centers got a 2% share each; followed by restaurants, and wineries, with 1% share each.


The country offers over US$7.0 billion worth of opportunities in animal protein, forestry, and aquaculture. Up to US$4.0b in opportunities exist under animal protein, with Cattle projected to increase by 3.8m heads, while poultry set to expand by 0.6m tons. Another US$2.0 billion worth of opportunities come from the planned expansion of the forestry and cellulose/ paper industry, and biomass energy; while an additional US$1.0 billion is needed to develop 100k tons of aquaculture. The government has launched a National Aquaculture Project, in partnership with Norway in 2018 to develop the salmon industry in Tierra del Fuego


A total of US$37 billion worth of projects exist in power generation, which go toward installing additional capacity of 23GW by 2030; of that amount, US$15 billion goes towards solar and wind energy, as the government targets 25% renewable energy generation by 2030, implying 13GW additional capacity. An additional US$10 billion goes to hydroelectric generation (3GW), while thermal projects are valued at US$6 billion (6GW). Moreover, US$3 billion is needed for expand the capacity and increase the reach of the national electricity grid through PPP tenders; while another US$3 billion is needed to install a new 480MW nuclear reactor


The sector is considered underdeveloped, as 75% of high potential areas are not yet ceded to concession. It is estimated that over US$ 30 billion in investment is needed to build 44 advanced mining projects; of which, at least US$ 11 billion, or 13 projects, may start before 2021. Opportunities include mining of Lithium, Silver, Gold, Copper, Lead and Zinc.