Strategizing For Success: Five Tactics Startups Can Use To Grow In Dubai

Strategizing For Success: Five Tactics Startups Can Use To Grow In Dubai
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Strategizing For Success: Five Tactics Startups Can Use To Grow In Dubai

Starting off a business in Dubai can be seen a daunting task in and of itself- going all the way from getting a license for the particular business that you are pursuing, to hiring a suitable workforce. But, at the same time, the Emirate can be called a business haven given the amount of foreign investors, tourist influx, and diverse opportunities that Dubai is famously known for. In recent times, Dubai’s economic stability has made it so that the business community at large views the Emirate as a safe place in terms of investment and startup opportunities. Given that the environment is already business conducive, it is relatively easy for a business startup to flourish in Dubai.

So, what do you need to get your business off the ground? Here are five guidelines that can help entrepreneurs solidify their business initiatives in Dubai:

1. Cater to a diverse community International hubs such as Dubai are famous for their diversity and exposure to different cultures and people, knowing that startups can use it for their own benefits, as they can make their products opened to a diverse group of communities. For example, if you are running a clothing store, you can launch different clothes dedicated to different communities of the city, or if you own a restaurant, you can introduce different cuisines dedicated to different communities, instead sticking to one type only.

2. Networking is crucial Until you have established your company, you should focus on professional networking and creating word-of-mouth for yourself and your enterprise. Dubai is a place full of opportunities because of the diverse people and investors that it breeds. Be your own brand ambassador by being a socialite. As counterintuitive as it may sound, the truth is that most business happens at events where you get to build social capital in a relatively frank environment. Not only do such events help you to personally advertise your business to potential customers, but it will allow you to recruit sponsors, and even garner a team of efficient partners who share the same vision as you.

3. Find a sponsor This is something I encourage, even if you are looking for 100% ownership. Note that being the complete owner is only possible  free zones where foreigners are allowed to hold property- but this means that the outreach of your business may not be as penetrating as you’d want it, especially in areas populated by the local populace. Being in regular contact with the Emirati population can be key to your successful growth, and it thus makes sense to have someone from the country be part of your business as well. This will require a UAE national to be taken on as a 51% partner, who will thus become the local sponsor. Remember here that a local company provides you with the freedom to locate the business anywhere in the city- and for a business startup in Dubai, this is a boon as it affords the best choice of locations to suit your budget.

4. Take advantage of digital marketing It is the age of the internet- so why are you not making use of it? Marketing is essential for any startup, and the internet provides you with a myriad of marketing channels. For one, you should connect with SEO Agency in Dubai in order to make sure your business’s website is amongst the first few suggestions on the internet. You should also keep your website up to date based on recent trends and make it as user-friendly as you can. You can also further market your product through Google AdSense, which would show your advertisements on platforms as varied as blogs, forums, games, etc.

5. Make use of budget-friendly marketing strategies Hiring expensive and fancy celebrities as brand ambassadors in your advertisements is not always the key to effective promotion. Sometimes you can just be simple and/or intellectual- for instance, you can use funny and effective quotes on your artworks and share them on social media platforms in order to gain popularity in the market. You should also engage with your online audience by replying to their comments on your posts, and getting their feedback and using online polls in order to find out what they want from you, what product they think is the best, what needs to be improved, etc.

There are many successful businesses in Dubai that prove the aforementioned steps are key points to growing a successful startup in an international hub- not to mention your hard work and dedication. You should try them for your business- and maybe, you’ll find that running your own business in Dubai is, in fact, not as difficult as you thought it was.

By Kumail Hemani, SEO Director, Searchi