No One Knows You Yet? Advertise on a Budget

No One Knows You Yet? Advertise on a Budget
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No One Knows You Yet? Advertise on a Budget

For most start-up businesses, advertising is a difficult consideration. There is a tacit perception that spending on advertising in the early life of a business is a waste of money. On the contrary, advertising should be a top priority.

Your business team could be busy discussing products, designing packages, formulating pricing strategy, and setting up logistics, but until your audience know about your products and their benefits, there is no business yet. All the while, your potential customers are bombarded daily with product images, brand names, direct offers and new solutions from your competitors.

The path to success for any start up must include a marketing and advertising communication strategy to drive business. In the beginning, your communication does not necessarily need to be sales driven but rather geared towards informing, educating and persuading the market. Typically, it takes time for customers to fully understand a new product or solution and its relevance to them. Even if you believe that what you offer is unique, communication is important so you can help your audience differentiate your product from perceived competition. If you do an effective job communicating your product benefits early on, customers will eventually patronize without you pushing with discounts and promo offers.

Targeted advertising is your best bet if you want effective advertising while keeping your budget lean. A highly effective media for targeted advertising is digital-out-of-home. Digital billboards catch customers when they are outside and more vulnerable to spend or think of consumption. Unlike with mobile advertising, customers are not able to click away or switch screens off. Because digital advertising screens are everywhere, advertisers have the opportunity to follow their target audience to their favorite coffee shops, hotels, gyms or office elevators, and send them a tailored content.

A ground-breaking development on digital billboards advertising is the launch of LifeOnScreen in Dubai. LifeOnScreen is an industry disruptor that puts billboard advertising directly in the hands of the advertisers and makes it more cost effective. Using the breakthrough technology called the Ad Player, LifeOnScreen can connect any digital screen from anywhere in the globe to its screen network which advertisers around the world can access via an online portal.

The process is simple. You log on to, choose the locations and screens according to your requirement, book the dates, pay, and upload your ad. You accomplish all these from your smartphone or computer — without fuss or negotiations with an agent.

Are your target audience yuppies working out in the gym on the weekend or CEO’s lounging at coffee shops after lunch? Perhaps, they are spending time with families at a famous promenade on Friday afternoons. Reach them wherever they are. LifeOnScreen has put advertising power in your hands.