Considering the above SC Group’s three focused areas, we have identified the following areas as focused area for “Designing for Future Society”. In these area, we would like to challenge comingle existing business base, and innovative and disruptive technology in order to cultivate future value for future society. Outline is as follows:

1. Mobility:

  • SC Group has global business network of automotive and tire business through the industrial value chain. In Middle East, we have official distributer business and trading business of Japanese makers while in the world we also have wholesale, retail, leasing, financing and manufacturing businesses. We are now thinking to utilize innovative new technology related but not limited to CASE* so that we expand and enlarge our current business platforms. We are most welcome for new technology in the above business area. (* Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electrified)

2. Renewable Energy:

  • SC Group has conventional power generation plants in Middle East but no renewable energy plants in this region. We would like to support promoting renewable energy in this region including the possibility of waste to energy technology. In this sense, we are most welcome for innovative and disruptive technology in this area.

3. Energy Storage:

  • Energy storage including battery technology is one of key factors for future society, so we are interested in this area. If it is really eco-friendly technology, we would like to discuss the possibility of application to our business activities.

4. Agritech:

  • SC Group has so many agrichemical distributors in global basis and now extending retailer area as trial. In this sense, we are interested in agritech in order to enhance our capability and promote better and eco-friendly agriculture as much as possible. So, the proposal for innovative and disruptive technology is most welcome.

Selection Criteria

  • Vision and passion for “Designing for Future Society”
  • The possibility of the application into our existing business and activities
  • Capability and enthusiasm of the team
  • Pricing and amount

Deadline: 31st December 2018.


SCME is a regional headquarter of Sumitomo Corporation (“SC”) and in charge of MENA region business activities of SC Group. SC is one of the largest “Integrated General Trading Company” listed in Japan and doing the businesses in global basis. SC was established in 1919 and now has offices in 129 locations and 66 countries. Total number of group companies is 947 and total number of group employees is 73,016. SC has been also ranked in Fortune Global 500 for 23 years. SC has the following Business Unit.

  • Metal Products
  • Transportation and Construction Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • Media & ICT
  • Living Related & Real Estate
  • Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics

The global economy is largely expected to grow steadily. However, trade and economic policies are increasingly geared toward protectionism in some quarters of the world, while geopolitical risks are rising. Some countries are starting to tighten their monetary policies. These are among the many factors that could put a damper on global affairs. The trend of businesses seamlessly merging across a wide range of industries will inevitably accelerate due to drastic changes brought on by the rapid technological advancement such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) that are hallmarks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Under these circumstances, which are marked by uncertainty, we need to be able to enhance the ability to look ahead and create new value so as to cope with these changing times.

We will assertively push to make our existing businesses even bigger, and without fear of failure we will fully utilize our Group’s business platforms and embrace digital transformation to create businesses that will serve as new sources of revenue for the next generation. Examining the megatrends, we have identified three growth areas in which we can leverage our Group’s strengths – “technology x innovation,” “healthcare,” and “social infrastructure” – and we will be actively investing our management resources in these areas.

No dream, no success. Aim high, act on our principles and execute. Sumitomo Corporation Group will act as one in unceasing challenges for new value creation to realize our dreams. We will continue to move forward. Shape the future, staying ahead.

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