Solutions in the following sectors:

  • Technology and Digital Transformation in line with SMART DUBAI Initiative:
    • Paperless Strategy
    • Blockchain Strategy
  • Logistics
  • New concepts in the field of Education
  • Healthcare

Selection Criteria

  1. Relevant technology/application solution or relevant business model expertise
  2. Relevant project team background & capacity
  3. Pricing
  4. Innovative aspect of the solution
  5. Adaptability and replicability across countries


July 31st 2018


The NIKAI Group has been in existence since the year 1985 with business spread across the areas of Consumer electronics, Distribution of consumer goods in the form of foods and beverages, Staff Outsourcing, Franchisee operations for a leading fast food chain apart from offering 3PL logistics facilities.

Core Business from parent organization of NIKAI Electronics, a leading OEM Brand of Electronics and Home Appliances across last 3 decades.

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