Startup Panorama Edition 11: Who’s Who – 2020 Update

Startup Panorama Edition 11: Who’s Who – 2020 Update
Startup Panorama Edition 11: Who’s Who – 2020 Update
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Startup Panorama Edition 11: Who’s Who – 2020 Update

We’ve often heard the phrase “crisis breeds innovation”.

But rarely do we hear about the real, difficult and often terrifying journey from that moment of crisis toward success while it’s in progress.

If, and by the time, we do hear about the heartache, it’s when the story is well into its next chapter of victory or collapse – a time far less useful to all those around who experienced the same challenges.

As the world witnessed a scale of disruption the likes of which we have never seen before, we also saw startup founders, possibly the worst affected during this time, show the kind of resilience that must be talked about. The best innovations are believed to be born from crisis simply because its the entrepreneurial mindset that bring the most courage and creativity – and passion – when it comes to solving urgent problems, fast.

From a co-working space that temporarily turned its model upside down to offer hotel rooms as private workspaces during the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak, to a successful filmmaker founding an innovative new machine learning-powered video content creation business during lockdown; from the largest tech experiential festival in the Middle East moving online, to the bittersweet challenges of securing funding when expansion is restricted by the pandemic…

Our final edition of 2020, Startup Panorama Edition 11.0 features the heartfelt trials and triumphs of entrepreneurs in the UAE as they continue to chart a path to recovery.

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