2018 Dubai Startup Hub Networking Series: Share Your Feedback

2018 Dubai Startup Hub Networking Series: Share Your Feedback
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2018 Dubai Startup Hub Networking Series: Share Your Feedback

Thank you for joining the 2018 Networking Series, that was brought to you by Dubai Startup Hub.

Over the past two months you have heard from more than 20 inspiring speakers – and now we would like to hear from you…

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Have you always wanted to start your own business or do you already have a business but are looking for ways to grow?

Creating a company takes more than just a good idea – and even then, the path to success is never set in stone.

The best way to learn? Listen to the experiences of others who are willing to share. Startup stories, whether of success or failure,  provide invaluable insights from those who have ‘been there and done that’.

If you’re looking for answers, come join an interactive discussion with an exciting lineup of brave startup founders and influential folks from the entrepreneur ecosystem set to speak at this week’s edition of Dubai Startup Hub’s networking series on Wednesday, November 14 from 6pm onward at Area 2071.

This week’s event will feature Suhail Khoury of Soul Artists, Helen Farmer of Dubai Eye, along with Hamza Khan and Omar AlMheiri of letswork.

Khoury is a performing artist and entrepreneur from Jordan, currently the Co-founder and CEO of Soul Artists online talent booking platform.

Farmer is a mum of two, journalist and blogger. She is the founder of award-winning parenting blog The Mothership, and also juggles freelance writing and conducting weddings as a celebrant.

Hamza Khan and Omar AlMheiri will highlight how letswork – a community of pop-up co-working spaces in the UAE – is supporting startups in the city and how the company grew from Emaar’s in-house innovation lab E25.

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Last week’s event featured entrepreneurs from the sports startup ecosystem – both Ravi Bhusari, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Duplays, and Sally Corander, founder and Managing Director of INTERACT, shared tales and tips from their journey. Duplays builds sport communities in emerging markets and now has over 135,000 registered members with operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and soon Jeddah. The company has raised over $1.2M in investment from the region’s leading VC investors. Bhusari also recently launched nook, the region’s first and only co-working space dedicated to enabling other sports, health fitness and wellness entrepreneurs to set up their own Dubai-based DMCC freezone license to grow their businesses. Meanwhile, INTERACT owns and operates the sport industry series – which consists of the UAE’s only sport business news platform, specialist business forums, working groups and networking activities – aimed at fostering coordinated, industry wide efforts in UAE sport at the highest level.

In the earlier session, Hassan Albalawi of CEO and Founder of Wakecap Technology, and Ricardo Barcena, CEO Spotnik Technologies DMCC shared their respective startup stories. WakeCap was developed when Albalawi joined Stars of Science, the Arab world’s leading scientific edutainment reality TV program. WakeCap was ranked the top project by the program’s experts. Albalawi is now in Dubai leading his tech startup, WakeCap Technologies, which develops various wearable technologies to improve the safety and productivity in the construction industry. Meanwhile, Barcena, who has a master’s degree in Image of Synthesis and Computer Animation (UIB, Spain), started his professional career in the computer games industry in the UK as a 3D Artist, moving to digital publishing and interactive education production in Spain. He came to Dubai in 2006 as consultant for du and later went on to  establish his own consulting firm in Dubai. He recently launched Spotnik Technologies DMCC in partnership with Nikai Group with the goal to create humanity-compliant solutions.

The week prior discussed and debated all things blockchain with Dr. Marwan Alzarouni of the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center and Founder of OTC Supply, along with Mohamed Alsharid, Senior Project Manager at Smart Dubai, and Mohamed Amine, co-founder and CEO of VUL9 Security Solutions.

And the previous week saw Katharine Budd, co-founder and CEO of NOW Money speak about how low-income workers in the Gulf struggle to access traditional banking services. NOW Money is a free app-based alternative they can be paid into, as well as pay bills and make low-cost overseas transfers to loved ones at home.

Earlier, Ben Kuehn, Co-Founder of Heroleads Ventures, and German Gussakovskiy, CEO and Managing Partner of Digital Falcon Inc. talked about building and growing their respective digital marketing companies. Kuehn is a business builder who founded digital performance marketing agency Heroleads Ventures together with Mountain Partners AG in 2013. The company now serves more than 150 clients from offices in Dubai, Bangkok and Jakarta, focusing on ROI driving multi-channel lead generation campaigns through Google, facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

German founded his entrepreneurial venture six years ago with no investment. Digital Falcon Inc. has grown 10 times over its first five years and doubled in size after it signed an MoU through the Dubai Startup Hub’s Market Access program. The company now serves more than 50 prestigious companies and government departments in the UAE with a total turnover of more than AED 4 million.

In the earlier edition, Yazan Bin Mohammed, Founder of Beelivery, along with Iqbal Khan, CEO of The Caterer and Founder of Curry Box and Oriental Box shared their experiences of venturing into the F&B industry. Beelivery is a nationwide 90-minute grocery delivery service that uses crowd-sourced delivery drivers. Mohammed, a business entrepreneur who has founded number of successful companies across UAE and Europe, shared the story of how he went from his first job at his father’s company at 17 to create his own group of companies.

Meanwhile, Khan spoke about how he ventured into the F&B industry following the 2009 downturn. Completely new to the industry when he first opened Curry Box, Khan now has a team of 97 people and a turnover of AED 10.1 million per year and growing.

Previously, serial entrepreneur and investor Ritesh Tilani share the story of his startup JoiGifts. The online physical gifts marketplace secured $1.5million in seed funding this year  from investors including Silicon Valley-based 500 Startups, iNet, Abu Dhabi-based venture capital fund Shorooq Investments and other angel investors from the Gulf, Europe and the U.S.

Former speakers included Assia Ricco of Evolvin’ Women, Khadija Behzad and Abdulla Matar of Meet the Locals, and Abu Muadh of Smart Labour. The panel shed light on how their startups are positively impacting Dubai and share tips from their social impact startup journey. Following the discussion, Anna-Liisa Goggs, Co-Founder and COO of the C3 Social Impact Accelerator Program also shared information about the support available to startups in this field. The initiative addresses key milestones in the journey of a social entrepreneur and focuses primarily on helping entrepreneurs maximize their social and environmental impact on the community.

The series also included Rodrigue Nacouzi, CEO & Founder of Transcorp Intl. and LoadMe founder Sebastian Stefan, who shared their respective journeys of building startups in the logistics sector and developing disruptive transportation solutions for the region’s rapidly growing market. The evening also featured Intelak’s Incubator Manager Aya Sadder, who shared tips for startups considering applying to Intelak’s programs.

The event is part of the 3rd season of the Dubai Startup Hub networking series, which from September 12 – November 14 , with 12 exciting speakers lined up to share their best startup stories and insights each week on Wednesday.

Dubai Startup Hub is the entrepreneurship arm of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its networking series is centered around bringing the Dubai startup ecosystem together through inspirational talks by renowned speakers and business leaders. The purpose of the series is to further build the community of startups in Dubai, providing a platform for networking and exchanging ideas.

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