Year of Zayed

Father of the Nation

The man who turned the desert green. The visionary leader who strived hard not only for the good of his country but for the entire region - The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan needs no introduction. As the president of the UAE and the Ruler of Abu Dhabi for 33 years, he rooted his values of wisdom, respect, sustainability and human development across the emirates.

Human development is the selected theme for Q4 2018


The man who transformed the country from an underdeveloped conglomeration of seven emirates, to a strong modern nation. The man respected around the world for his unifying influence – Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the first president of the United Arab Emirates. As ruler of the Emirati people, he maintained the traditional role of a father-figure to his people, approachable to every citizen. He was the UAE’s founding father, who left behind a legacy of noble values such as equality, tolerance, charity, and generosity that have remained long after his leadership.

As we commemorate 100 years of the late Sheikh Zayed, Dubai Chamber honors the Year of Zayed. The initiative aims to celebrate his great achievements and spread his message of unity and togetherness.