Published On: 25/09/2018

Dubai, UAE: The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently hosted an informative seminar examining the role of CSR in driving business growth which provided a platform for Dubai-based SMEs to share knowledge, insights and best practices.

Organised by Dubai Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business, the seminar featured presentations from successful SMEs in the emirate that highlighted various CSR-focused programmes, strategies and practices which have been successfully implemented within their organisations.

The event aimed to raise CSR awareness among SMEs and familiarise companies with CSR and sustainability-focused programmes and initiatives organised by the Centre for Responsible Business.

During the event, several representatives from the business community shared their experiences and perspectives, including: Anne Le Guennec, CEO, Enova Facilities Management Services LLC; Marcos Bish, Managing Director, Summertown Interiors LLC; Samir Abdul Hadi, Founder & CEO, SamTech Middle East FZ; Adam Fleming Group Supply Chain Manager, Al Naboodah Enterprises; and Elizabeth Kuruvilla, Managing Director, Go Green Shine.

The speakers covered a wide range of timely topics and business matters, such as the importance of responsible sourcing and its benefits in supply chain, the impact of CSR on brand building, the role of SMEs in sustainable procurement, and sustainable services for customers.

The participants examined how responsible and sustainable products and services provided by SMEs have helped many companies attract new business and access market opportunities, while discussions highlighted the benefits of adopting a people-centric approach to CSR, including improved employee satisfaction, productivity and business performance, in addition to reduced operating costs and environmental impact.

Dr. Belaid Rettab, Senior Director, Economic Research and Sustainable Business Development Sector, Dubai Chamber, stressed the importance of adopting responsible business practices and explained that such strategies are key to enhancing the brand reputation and social impact of SMEs. He pointed out that SMEs account for more than 90% of all companies operating in Dubai, and added that the widespread implementation of CSR best practices would help SMEs boost their competitiveness and raise standards within the business community.

The Centre for Responsible Business was established by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2004 to support and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. The Centre’s objective is to engage the Dubai business community in assuming greater responsibility for the emirate’s social and environmental needs. The CRB also promotes Dubai as the GCC’s gateway for global commerce by offering its business partners an environment of transparency and rule of law.