Published On: 10/07/2018

Dubai, UAE: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has revealed that the number of international delegations it hosted during the first half of this year increased by 106% over the same period last year. The chamber, which represents the interests of Dubai’s business community, announced that it received 721 visiting delegations, compared to 350 for the same period last year.

Dubai Chamber’s figures also show that it has promoted for Dubai in 41 outdoor events in 32 cities in 24 countries around the world, including China, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Kenya, Russia, Belarus and Colombia. They also reveal that the Chamber’s international offices held 482 meetings with companies and investors interested in establishing businesses in the emirate.

H.E. Hamad Buamim, President and CEO, Dubai Chamber, said that the chamber works through partnerships with international bodies and other chambers of commerce to activate communication channels between Dubai companies and their counterparts in other markets. H.E highlighted how the organisation hosts meetings for visiting delegations that promote Dubai as a global business destination and showcase opportunities in diverse sectors.

“Dubai Chamber is making concerted efforts to promote Dubai’s fertile and conducive business environment to international companies seeking to expand their operations – something that is evidenced in the figures that show that it has more than doubled the number of overseas delegations it has hosted. This impressive tally for the first half of the year is in part due to the incredible work of our international offices, which strive to showcase the benefits of doing business in Dubai to companies and commercial organisations in their respective countries,” said Buamim.

As part of its efforts to stimulate economic partnerships, attract leading foreign companies to the emirate and introduce investment opportunities, Dubai Chamber organised 14 business forums and events during the first half of 2018, with more than 2,694 participants attending. Most notable were the Global Business Forum on Latin America, the UAE-Greece Business Forum, the UAE-Korea Business Forum, the UAE-Tanzania Business and Investment Forum and the UAE-Moldova Business Forum.

“The statistics show the vital role played by our representative offices abroad to promote Dubai’s business environment and to help our members expand into these markets. Dubai Chamber’s overseas offices are a key tool in our strategy to attract investors and to help our members enhance their competitiveness in foreign markets. Their actions support our government’s plans to diversify the economy and establish partnerships in future promising areas, such as Artificial Intelligence, innovation, entrepreneurship, smart services and renewable energy, to name just a few,” Buamim added.

H.E explained that Dubai Chamber is preparing to organise a number of events in the coming period, most notably the Global Islamic Economy Summit and the Global Business Forum on Latin America in Panama. It is also leading a trade mission to the forthcoming SMM 2018 (Shipbuilding, Machinery and Martine Technology), the world’s leading international maritime trade fair, which is taking place in Hamburg in September.

The Chamber’s international offices in Azerbaijan, Erbil, China, Kenya, Ghana, Brazil, Mozambique and Kenya are playing a key role in promoting Dubai as a global business hub.