Published On: 28/03/2019

Dubai, UAE: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a seminar earlier today at its premises as part of its efforts to raise awareness about road safety among the local business community.

The seminar, organised by members of the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network’s Road Safety Task Force, highlighted safe driving practices and the importance of seatbelts in protecting the safety of drivers.

The event featured presentations from Tristar Group and Emirates Group – Transport Services, with the representatives from the companies presenting road and vehicle safety procedures from their respective areas of expertise. Attendees included representatives from private sector companies and members of the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network.

Dr Belaid Rettab, Chief Economist, Senior Director – Economic Research & Sustainable Business Development Sector, Dubai Chamber, noted that the seminar, along with other similar activities organised by the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network, support Dubai Chamber’s efforts in promoting responsible business practices in Dubai. He added that the seminar was beneficial as it outlined best practices that can be adopted to improve the safety of drivers who are employed by companies in the emirate.

“Our aim is to safeguard the wellbeing of our customers and workforce, through smarter investments into technology and equipment. This will greatly assist with the reduction of accountable accidents. We continue to monitor and assess our operations ensuring we are agile and improve at all times,” said Roshan Menon, Quality Assurance and Safety Manager, Emirates Group – Transport Services.

For his part, Arundhan Alphonse, Assistant GM for Operations, Tristar Group said: “Changing the drivers’ behaviour is crucial for eliminating road accidents and fatalities. Just a simple act like wearing a seatbelt can save a life in case of a road accident. As a lead company of the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network’s Road Safety Task force, we are always ready and enthusiastic to share our road safety best practices with other companies.”

Established by the Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business (CRB), the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network serves as the focal point for the business community to share and exchange best practices in implementing CSR. The network provides an opportunity for local companies to network, learn, share experiences and constitute CSR leadership.

The Centre for Responsible Business was established by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2004 to support and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. The Centre’s objective is to engage the Dubai business community in assuming greater responsibility for the emirate’s social and environmental needs. The CRB also promotes Dubai as the GCC’s gateway for global commerce by offering its business partners an environment of transparency and rule of law.