Business Opportunities

This page lists the main business synergies between Dubai and the Kurdistan Region.

Why Kurdistan

Given the strong business potential of Iraq’s economy, the Kurdistan region offers a stable and strategic base for Dubai businesses. Dubai businesses can not only trade with Kurdistan region but also use this region as a base for business and trade with the rest of Iraq, and with other countries in the Middle East and Central Asia including Turkey.

Industry & Manufacturing

  • Products manufactured in the Kurdistan region can be sold throughout Iraq or exported.
  • Items highly in demand include consumer products, items for the construction sector as well as industrial machinery.
  • Investment opportunities in Petro-chemical plants in Kurdistan region specifically in production of fertilizer, plastics, fuel, chemicals and lubricants.


  • Number of tourists to Kurdistan has increased from 380,000 in 2007 to 2,200,000 in 2012.
  • Kurdistan is endowed with rich cultural heritage including many historical sites and many scenic attractions which could become locations for resorts.
  • Demand for urban shopping malls to be built in major cities across Kurdistan.

Construction & Real Estate

  • Opportunities include houses and apartment buildings, shopping malls and the development of industrial zones.
  • Infrastructure requirements include roads and bridges to connect within the region and Iraq as well as social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals.

Logistics & Communications

  • Kurdistan’s growing economy will mean more demand for quality logistics services, partly due to businesses requiring access to ports for the import and export of goods.
  • Communication-related opportunities include the development and operation of effective landline, mobile phone and internet services.

Banking & Finance

  • Demand for financial services can be expected to increase overtime with the increased affluence and growth of Kurdistan’s population and as awareness among customers increase about the benefits of using a range of financial services.
  • Assistance required for public and private companies in Kurdistan to improve their corporate governance and transparency to meet global standards.


  • 65% of the Kurdistan region is uncultivated.
  • Key challenges include lack of efficient means of supplying water for irrigation, the need to incorporate modern and efficient methods of production, improvement in farm to market roads and transport, adequate storage facilities for food products and effective packaging, branding and marketing to final customers.

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