The Global Business Forum (GBF) series was initiated in 2013 as part of Dubai Chamber’s strategy of international expansion, to position Dubai as the gateway to the world.

The GBF series is a platform to engage key business and government leaders in developing trade and exploring new investment opportunities in emerging markets. Over the years the GBFs have welcomed 10 heads of state, 74 ministers and dignitaries, 5,400 CEOs and other high-ranking delegates from 65 countries around the world.

GBF’s so far have been held for the African continent and CIS region. 2016 will see the launch of GBF for the Latin American market. More about the market specific Forums below:


Africa Global Business Forum:

The past five years have transformed both perceptions and realities in Africa. Businesses are flourishing, from telecoms and banking to agriculture and mining, attracted by the rising middle class and the continent’s natural resources. Despite all the challenges, the continent has become a beacon of hope in a difficult world. Indeed, Africa has the potential to be the world’s major driver of growth for the coming decades. It will have two billion people by 2050 and, if growth remains at the current level, the total economy would be around the current size of America.

The objective of AGBF is to encourage international revenue flows into Africa by engaging leading decision-makers on the global investment scene. The Forum involves prominent African stakeholders to engage in a dialogue at the highest level of implementation, advising on key strategic directives related to Africa’s economic outlook.

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CIS Global Business Forum:

The concept of a new Silk Road, tying the economies of China and Europe, via Central Asia, Turkey and the Gulf, has taken a battering as conflict and economic troubles divide the CIS region. But behind the headlines, the business momentum is continuing and investments in infrastructure and logistics along the ancient trading routes are cutting costs and creating new business realities.
Dubai has played a major role in developing these connections, but the bigger opportunities for the Gulf lie in reviving a Northern Corridor linking Dubai via Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan to Moscow and the newly founded Eurasian Economic Union – a group of markets with around 350 million people. At the same time, CIS countries can also benefit from Dubai’s business dynamism.
The inaugural CIS GBF held in February 2016, explored how businesses can benefit from the emerging economic synergies of the CIS region and the development of stronger ties with the GCC, while managing the macroeconomic challenges, alongside thought-provoking discussions, one-on-one meetings and networking opportunities.

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Latin America Global Business Forum

Compared with the rest of the world, large parts of Latin America still look relatively stable and promising as a trade destination. The recent slowdown has hit hard, but international business interest remains high. Indeed, the downturn is shifting global synergies and creating its own opportunities.
Under the theme “Shifting Synergies”, the two-day Forum will explore how businesses can benefit from the changing patterns of global demand and what role Dubai can play in facilitating the next step in business relations.

The objective of GBF Latin America is to encourage and explore business opportunities between the Middle East and Latin America. Through structured networking activities, we aim to channel, inspiration and discussions into serious business development and turn the Forum into the place where tomorrow’s big deals are conceived and nurtured.

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