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Read in this issue No. 176 the following articles:
-Recent Trends of UAE Private Consumption Spending
-Top Markets in the Latin America and Caribbean Region
-Dubai Exports of Fertilizers
-Trends in the UAE and Global Gold Market
Read in this issue (No. 175) the following articles:
* Cybersecurity in the UAE
* UAE Leads the Region in Deploying Smart Cities Solutions
* Top Exports Markets in Asia - January to September 2018
* Business Opportunities in Transport & Logistics Sector of South America
Read in this issue (No. 174) the following articles:
* Industrial Metals’ Price Trends and Outlook for 2019
* Dubai Online Travel Market
* Dubai Construction Projects
* UAE Fish market
Read in this issue (No. 173) the following articles:
* UAE Positive Economic Prospects Defy Global Trends
* Top African Markets for Dubai Traders – H1 2018
* UAE’s Exports of Commercial Services
* UAE Nuts market
Read in this issue (No. 172) the following articles:
- Landscape of the Islamic Fintech Market
- Reinventing UAE Construction Sector through Productivity Enhancing
- Business Potential in the Tourism Sector of Central Asia
- Muslim Countries’ Trade in China’s One Belt One Road
Read in this issue (No. 171) the following articles:
- UAE Healthcare Sector
- Latest Trends in the UAE Watch Market
- Overview of Dubai’s Free Zones Trade
- UAE Honey Market
Read in this issue (No. 170) the following articles:
* Top traded products in the East Africa – Asia corridor
* Blockchain's benefits to international trade
* Recent trends in UAE bank credit
* UAE cheese market
Read in this issue (No. 169) the following articles:
* Recent Developments in the Global Muslim-Travel Market
* Cruise tourism in Dubai
* UAE Positive Macroeconomic Outlook
* UAE Construction materials market
Read in this issue (No. 168) the following articles:
* Emerging Economies and US Monetary Policy Normalization
* Recent changes in the global oil supply dynamics
* Dubai’s trade with West Africa
* Recent trends in UAE imports and exports of fruits and vegetables
Read in this issue (No. 167) the following articles:
* Potential Implications of U.S. Trade War with China on UAE
* Dubai Retail Sector Value Proposition
* UAE Manufacturing Sector
* Dubai Electricity Sector
Read in this issue (No. 166) the following articles:
* UAE Retailing Sector
* Restaurant Business in the UAE
* Top Exports Markets in Asia - January and February 2018
* UAE Textile and Clothing Industry
Read in this issue (No. 165) the following articles:
* The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business
* DCCI Members' Exports Activity in Latin America in 2017
* UAE Beauty and Personal Care Market
* Recent Trends in the UAE Tourism Sector
Read in this issue (No. 164) the following articles:
• Global Grain Market:
• Current State of the Global Superyacht Market - 2018
• The Impact of UAE Recent Economic Developments on Bank Credit Activity
• Warehousing and Storage in UAE
Read in this issue (No. 163) the following articles:
• UAE Automobile Market
• UAE Consumer Appliances Market Trends and Outlook
• Developing Trends in Consumer Credit in UAE
• Business Prospects for the UAE Silver Market
Read in this issue (No. 162) the following articles:
• Dubai Construction Sector is gathering momentum
• Industrial Metals' Recent Trends and Outlook for 2018
• UAE Insurance Market
• Impact of Internet of Things on Global Business
Read in this issue (No. 161) the following articles:
• Potential of Africa Tourism Sector:
• Recent Trends in UAE's Fresh Meat Market
• Startups and entrepreneurship
• Recent Trends in the Global and UAE Shipping Sector
Read in this issue (No. 160) the following articles:
• Sub Saharan Africa Recent Economic Trends
• Recent Developments in the Global Islamic Finance Industry
• UAE Butter Market
• Recent Trends in the UAE ICT Sector
Read in this issue(Issue No. 159) the following articles:
* Recent Developments in the UAE Travel Market
* Global FDI Favors Developed Economies
* UAE Bottled Water Market
* Recent Trends in the UAE Paediatric Medicine Market

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