UAE Economic Overview and Dubai Maritime Sector

Over the last two decades, Dubai has positioned itself as one of the most renowned maritime hubs globally and has become a serious player in the global maritime industry. Dubai maritime sector is deep but also wide, composed of more than 5500 companies engaged in some 13,000 activities, from shipbuilding, container logistics and dry bulk cargo handling to port services  and maritime engineering services and dredging. Currently, the maritime industry contributes some 7% of GDP, at around US$ 7.3bn almost doubled compared to 2015 with GDP of US$ 3.9bn. The sector is also responsible for around 3.3% of the emirate’s jobs, with some 76,200 people working in maritime-related industries. Shipping contributed the largest share to maritime GDP, followed by port operations, maritime engineering and support services.

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Pubished on: 05-08-2018

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