How to Register your Association

Associations wishing to register at the Dubai Association Centre (DAC) should hold one of the following statuses.

Registration Terms

Associations wishing to register under DAC should hold the following statuses:

  1. Non-profit, non-governmental international /regional economic and professional associations.
  2. Should be registered in one of the countries that have diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates or that are a subsidiary by one of the organisations of the United Nations or that are a subsidiary by the International Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Associations or the applicants should have specific economic or Professional activity


  1. Letter of intent – signed and stamped from the designated person with passport copy. (Template available)
  2. Attested Memorandum and Articles of Association from the relative authorities in the originating country
  3. Attested Decision of the Board of Directors or any relevant authority to open a branch/Chapter or office in the Emirate.
  4. Name of the Managing Director or the designated director to manage or establish a branch or head office attested letter or POA.
  5. Names of members of the Board of Directors of the association along with Passport copies and contact details (Emirates ID number if resident)
  6. Names of members of the association in UAE.
  7. Report on the activities carried out by the association
  8. Report on the activities to be carried out by the association established in the Emirate
  9. The financial report for the last year to be submitted by associations established before the issuance of this by-law
  10. A small brief in Arabic if available.

Registration Mechanism

  1. Dubai Chamber shall review and approve applications and all related documents.
  2. Once approved, Dubai Chamber shall issue a license to the association to conduct its activities in the Emirate.
  3. The association shall notify Dubai Chamber on any changes relating to the management of its licensed branch or office in the Emirate or of any changes in its Articles of Association.
  4. The license must be renewed annually by the association through Dubai Chamber.

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