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GGC economies are not immune to the European banking crisis that has morphed into a European Sovereign Debt crisis 
This issue shows that recently growth has slowed down significantly in the EU economies due to the banking and sovereign debt crises. The sharp deterioration in investors' and consumers' confidence is affecting investment and consumption spending. Also, the fiscal consolidation is weighing on domestic demand and the weakened global economic conditions are holding back exports. This EU crisis is most likely to adversely affect the GCC economies through the bank credit channel since the European banks are major source of funding for GCC banks. The issue also analyses the oil prices that are likely to be volatile in 2012 as global economic growth slows and concerns over oil-supplies continue over further tensions in the Gulf.
Published On: 18-January-2012   Author(s): Economic Research Department

According to Dubai Chamber 2011 Economic Growth Projection Model, UAE & Kuwait affected most among GCC countries from the global crisis 
This issue reflects on how financial and macroeconomic stability are interconnected. On the one hand, buoyant economic activity fuels household's income and improves their ability to service debt obligations. On the other hand, financial instability limits liquidity, solvency and profitability of the banking sector. The recent financial turmoil is a reminder of the importance of financial stability for economic activity. At Dubai Chamber, we have developed a single equation regression model to measure the impact of the financial crisis on GCC economic growth. The model is termed Dubai Chamber 2011 Economic Growth Projection Model and addresses the impact of the financial crisis on GCC economic growth (i.e. GDP). The second article reveals that over the last few months, the European Commission and European Central Bank (ECB) officials have emphasized that Greece leaving the Euro is an inconceivable outcome. This however, hasn't stopped the markets from speculating that default is inevitable. The Euro has depreciated against the Dirham and credit default swaps (CDS) have also soared since the beginning of the crisis. This month's article looks at what this means and what lessons can be learned for the GCC.
Published On: 12-December-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

UAE ranks 2nd among GCC countries according to the 2011 Dubai Chamber Macroeconomic Stability Index 
After a period of prolonged distress and uncertainty, recovery from the global economic crisis is tentatively emerging. This new phase of the global economy is backed with the mounting concerns about the sustainability of public debt and the high risk of a sovereign default in Europe. The current issue of Dubai Chamber Economist focuses on the finding of our analysis which is based upon three basic pillars. The 2011-2012 Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum, the 2011 Doing Business Report by the World Bank Group and the World Economic Outlook by the IMF. All the aforementioned global sources indicate that according to the 2011 Dubai Chamber Macroeconomic Stability Index, UAE ranks second among GCC countries.
Furthermore, this issue of the Dubai Chamber Economist also looks at the rebound in major global financial markets and investor sentiment and the possibility of finding long-term investment opportunities the current climate
Published On: 20-November-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Long-term prospects for global sugar industry 
This issue analyses the strong uptrend in world sugar prices, prospects for sugar prices in the future and ways UAE businesses can reduce risks in this environment while availing themselves of opportunities in the international sugar and sugar products market. It also highlights the competitiveness UAE. Based on World Bank's Ease of Doing Business ranking 2011, UAE stands at 40th position in the world.
Published On: 12-October-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

UAE trade with UK valued at AED 19.9bn in 2010 
This month's economist looks at the UK's trade with the UAE which was valued at AED 19.9bn in 2010. Approximately 400,000 people are expected to go to London for the 2012 Olympic Games offering an opportunity for traders in Dubai to benefit from the transit trade. Meanwhile, banking lending activity in the UAE is showing signs of stabilizing in 2011. Interest rates are falling leading to lower borrowing costs for businesses and consumers.
Published On: 12-September-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

UAE's Consumer Electronics Market Continues to Thrive 
This issue of the Economist analyses the current trends in UAE's consume consumer electronics market .Though, the recent global downturn had significant impact on UAE's consumer electronics market, especially in Dubai, the structural development of the market has remained buoyant. The demand for consumer electronics goods and appliances continues to thrive in the UAE. Also, this issue examines potential investment opportunities in Central Asia on the back of large mineral discoveries and the prospect for Dubai using its strategic position to intermediate between Central Asia and the world.
Published On: 04-August-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

UAE Maintains Globally Competitive Position in 2011 
This issue highlights the performance of UAE economy along the competitiveness index (2010-2011). Despite the fact that the UAE has lost two positions compared to the previous ranking, it is the only Arab country which is classified in the category of economies which are driven by innovation.
On the other hand, this issue also explores opportunities in Peru, which its GDP rose 8.8% year-on-year for the first quarter of 2011 largely because of private consumption. Strong growth is likely to continue throughout 2011 making headway for potentially lucrative export market for Dubai traders in 2011.
Published On: 07-July-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Investment in Morocco offers opportunities and access to EU Markets 
This issue focuses on the potentialities of the economic synergy between the GCC countries and Morocco. Long-term collaboration between the two could be best harnessed through Morocco's revealed comparative advantages such as access to European markets; skilled low-cost labour force and stable macro economy.
The issue also highlights how to leverage Dubai's strategic location and take advantage of opportunities in Asia, Europe and the Americas to solidify Dubai's position a global logistics hub.
Published On: 07-June-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Global bond market developments and impact on UAE 
This issue of the Dubai Chamber Economist analyses prospects for UAE investors given global bond market developments including the possibility for UAE companies to lock into historically low interest rates for decades to come. It also analyses Challenges and Prospects for the UAE shipping sector which is recovering in line with the global economic recovery and the expected growth of trade.
Published On: 05-May-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Challenges and Prospects for the UAE IT sector 
This issue of the Economist looks at the improved prospects for the UAE information technology (IT) sector due to possible boom in the earnings of the global IT companies, the proliferation of the social media and high-speed internet that creates long-term growth opportunities. Also, the issue highlights Dubai as one of the most favorite destinations for global investment due to its world class infrastructure, unmatched logistic services and its strategic location and business friendly environment
Published On: 07-April-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Challenges and prospects for the UAE Telecom Sector 
This February issue of the Dubai Chamber Economist looks at the challenges and prospects for the UAE telecommunication sector, especially given the growing demand for internet and related services. The second article suggests that UAE economy is gaining momentum as 2010 closes with improvement in UAE business conditions based on HSBC Purchasing managers index (PMI) for UAE in February 2011.
Published On: 13-March-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Food Imports: Source Diversification, Supply Shocks, and Food Prices in Dubai 
This special issue looks at estimates of food import demand elasticities, food source diversification, supply and food prices in Dubai. It then draws conclusions about the relatedness of Dubai beef import demand elasticity from different sources and countries with the most export potential in the Dubai beef market.
Published On: 02-February-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Prospects for Sukuk market development in UAE 
This issue analyses prospects for the UAE sukuk market due to global sukuk market growth and opportunities for using sukuk as a source of funding. It also analyses prospect of another spike in oil prices and rebound in overall World demand for energy at the back of the global economic recovery.
Published On: 06-January-2011   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Challenges and Prospects for Dubai Tourism Sector 
This issue looks at the prospects for the UAE tourism sector. It shows that economic recovery has improved prospects for the tourism sector and also highlights some future sources of growth for Dubai tourism . The issue also highlights the prospects of GCC economies rebound to robust economic growth in the short to medium term. Furthermore , it underlines the main challenges and downside risks that may jeopardize GCC positive economic recovery outlook.
Published On: 13-December-2010   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Fiscal Consolidation in Advanced Economies, Outlook and Implication for Emerging Markets 
This issue examines the implications of fiscal consolidation by advanced economies led by the EU, that will take place in early 2011 onward, on the emerging economies and highlights the need for sustained improvement in private investment and public expenditure to create self-sustained growth. It also analyzes Investment Opportunities for Dubai and UAE investors in the growing economy of Turkey, including important sector and privatization opportunities in among others, the Maritime, Petrochemical, IT, Energy and Tourism sectors'
Published On: 30-October-2010   Author(s): Economic Research Department

UAE Remains Globally Competitive in 2010 
This issue examines UAE's competitive position in light of the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) and suggests that the UAE is highly competitive as compared to other economies, in terms of excellent infrastructure, high penetration of new technologies, efficient goods market, macro-economic stability and highly effective government. Also, the issue analyzes UAE-China trade performance and highlights the major products traded which have played an important role in the past. The issue indicates the prospects of general increases in trade in the future.
Published On: 30-Septmeber-2010   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Current Assessment of Dubai's Realty Market 
This issue examines Dubai's realty market at the current juncture and suggests that the decline in rental costs and property prices as well as the new supply of realty expected onto the market in the coming months will improve the emirate's business competitiveness as Dubai is becoming an attractive place for firms to set up and conduct business. Also, we analyse new economic growth forecasts for the UAE which advocates that the UAE has the right core fundamentals in order to grow and expand this year and in the short-term.
Published On: 16-Septmeber-2010   Author(s): Economic Research Department

UAE Leads Regional Consumer Electronics Market 
This issue examines the UAE consumer electronic good market and suggests that firms are increasingly seeing the UAE as a distribution hub of both regional and global significance which can in-turn boost growth in the sector in the long-term. Also, we analyse the UAE's food and drinks industry which is expected to grow and expand further in the short-term on the back of a strong investment drive in order to cater for the growing population.
Published On: 26-August-2010   Author(s): Economic Research Department

Dubai's Retail Sector Remains Strong and Competitive 
This issue examines Dubai's retail sector during the economic slowdown and its prospects looking ahead. It is expected that an increase in consumer confidence coupled with the success of the Dubai Metro to lead to a pick-up in consumption levels and thus feeding into higher retail sales growth in the short-term. Also, we analyse the lessons that the GCC can learn from Europe's single currency union.
Published On: 16-August-2010   Author(s): Economic Research Department

UAE Population Growth to Boost Macroeconomy 
This issue examines how private consumption is expected to rise following the robust UAE government stimulus which has occurred since the onset of the economic slowdown. Also, we analyse the UAE transport sector and suggest that the long-term fundamentals in this industry are strong and robust.
Published On: 29-July-2010   Author(s): Economic Research Department

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