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  • 2014 Dubai Outlook Report: Over the past four decades, Dubai has become one of the most important economic centers in the Middle East and a key destination for investors, tourists and corporations from around the world. The emirate posted robust economic expansion across all sectors in 2013, and its resilience in the years following the global economic downturn has helped to re-build confidence among the global business community. The emirate boasts a diversified economy, an open business environment, and a multinational population and workforce, all of which have contributed to its reputation as a leading investment destination. "THE REPORT: Dubai 2014" highlights new opportunities for growth and expansion in the emirate, that revolve around Dubai’s World Expo 2020 win; aviation and hospitality industries. Please subscribe to view the 2014 Dubai Outlook Report.
  • FinanceME: This magazine advises the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), on how to plan, manage and grow. It is designed to support and encourage the growth of the SME Sector and is read by CFO’s, Finance Managers and SME owners – the key decision makers.
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