Both sides to exchange expertise, work jointly to promote temporary imports of goods and to facilitate overseas trade and investment

Dubai, UAE: In a move to help foster global business ties and to develop cooperation in promoting the temporary admission of goods under the ATA Carnet system, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry received an American delegation led by Ms Amanda Barlow, Manager, Carnet Development, United States Council International Business, based in Manhattan.

Mr. Atiq Juma Nasib, Senior Director, Commercial Services Sector, and Mahdi Mazim, Director, Membership and Documentation Services Department, Dubai Chamber, welcomed the American delegation recently and briefed them about the introduction and implementation of the ATA Carnet system by Dubai Chamber in the country.

The two sides also discussed ways of mutual cooperation in the promotion of the ATA Carnet system which ultimately facilitates overseas trade and investments while enhancing the competitiveness of the business community in the global market.

Welcoming the delegation, Mr. Nasib said that this visit by officials of the United States Council for ATA Carnet International Business comes under Dubai Chamber’s objective to support the development of business and will open up the doors to exchange expertise and to benefit from the methods and techniques adopted by the Council in the issuance of ATA carnets.

Mr. Nasib pointed out that Dubai Chamber has issued 39 ATA Carnets, from its launch in April until the end of last year, for goods worth AED 133 million and expects to issue a higher number of carnets this year which will help enhance the status of Dubai as a centre for exhibitions and conferences.

On her part, Ms Barlow lauded the leading role and hard work of Dubai Chamber in promoting the ATA carnet system in the region which she said was implemented in a short span of time and clearly demonstrated Dubai Chamber’s dedication to the system. This also showcases the Chamber’s commitment to offer best services to the business community under Dubai’s astute leadership.

The Carnet Development Manager stated that she was looking forward to work jointly with Dubai Chamber in the area of ATA carnet issuance and called upon the Chamber to benefit from the experience of the Council which is the third largest issuer of ATA Carnets in the world, issuing around 16,000 carnets annually.

In light of her Council’s plans to start issuing certificates of origin soon, Ms Barlow also expressed her desire to learn from Dubai Chamber’s experience in the issuance of certificates of origin as the Chamber enjoys the status of being one of the pioneers and the largest issuer of certificates of origin in the world.

Impressed by Dubai Chamber’s green building initiative, Ms Barlow expressed her admiration of the Chamber’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. She also extended an invitation to Dubai Chamber to attend the Major Economies Business Forum: Trade, Investment and Competitiveness in the US.