Innovation in Retail
Solar Energy Solution


  1. Use the existing data generated from various sensors in the shop to create dynamic dashboards to monitor and manage the entire operation and trigger alert in a cost effective way with least human power.
  2. Solar energy solution that will generate direct current from solar energy without the use of invertors.
  3. Solution to maintain zero expiry products on the shop floor.

Selection Criteria

  • Relevant technology/application solution or relevant business model expertise
  • Relevant project team background & capacity
  • Pricing

Deadline: 31st December 2018.


Aswaaq is a local brand and recognized as one of the trusted retailers in UAE. In Compliance with the international standards, aswaaq manages and operates supermarkets and retail community malls located at the heart of residential communities, in addition to, a variety of value added services.

As part of aswaaq Corporate Social Responsibility, Dubai SME Members are provided with many facilities to support their business.

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