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Dubai Startup Hub Releases Startup Panorama – Edition 3.0

Dubai Startup Hub Releases Startup Panorama – Edition 3.0
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Dubai Startup Hub Releases Startup Panorama – Edition 3.0

It’s an unfortunate fact: the larger you become, the harder it is to innovate and transform. This irony is not lost on well-established organizations – both public and private – in the forward-thinking Emirate of Dubai and the wider United Arab Emirates.

Today, as sluggish business-science cooperation remains a worrying challenge across the globe, both Dubai’s public and private sectors are fueling innovation by welcoming disruption. The nation’s willingness to acknowledge change and transform to help address global challenges has spread contagiously across the city. Dubai sees innovation as a crucial determinant of competitiveness and progress. For this, both government and corporates show an unprecedented willingness to throw out the old and quickly hop on board with the new.

From issuing entrepreneur-friendly regulations at breakneck speed, to the number of startups receiving funding as the region continues to attract growing interest from venture capitalists and angel investors – the emirate is geared towards fostering innovation, disruption and ultimately a better world for future generations. As hard as it is for giant organizations to innovate and change, even the largest ones are doing so by creating powerful platforms and supportive environments to encourage the startup ecosystem. Lending their corporate muscle and experience with execution, they are incorporating entrepreneurs into their initiatives to create game-changing synergies. Here are two examples: du and Emaar.

The days of build and they will come have passed. The message now is clear: come, build, disrupt.

The third edition of Dubai Startup Hub’s Startup Panorama report delves into this and more–you can read and download the full PDF here.